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Len X Reader- Always With You

A gift for :iconmichellelenart:. This is the Vokaloid Len. I hope I managed to put him in the character you imagined him Mich! Sorry if its a little sad; I tried to make it sad it a lovey kind of way.

   The wind ripped through you hair, pulling your scarf down and dumping new sand into your already-very-sandy mouth. You quickly pulled the scarf back up and tried to rub away the sand with the material. It just made your mouth more dirty. 
   On top of the sand, the desert sun was devilishly hot and beating down upon you. Not to mention that the military gear wasn't helping the situation any more than land would help a fish.
   You were currently standing in the back of a jeep, driving on the edge of the Sahara Desert. You were regular military infantry, and your team was to go and eliminate some terrorists that were terrorizing some town folk down here. In-out type of mission.
  You looked over at your partner standing beside you, clutching the top of the vehicle like you. Your eyes roamed over his blond hair, covered in sand and dust. You saw his black military vest, the exact same one as you. In fact, all of your equipment was the exact same as his, the only difference was that he had an engineer's belt on his waist; you didn't.
   Your partner noticed you staring at him and looked at you, "What's up _____?" 
   He had a very nice voice. It wasn't super deep like some other men, but it wasn't light like a girl's. It was right in the middle. Perfect for singing too, as he had a beautiful voice.
  You smiled, shaking your head, "Nothing, just enjoying the view."
  You saw he smiled too, as his eyes crinkled up slightly, "Is it a nice view?"
  You leaned into him, and whispered in his ear, "You're just perfect." 
  He chuckled and wrapped an arm around your waist. 
  "So are you."


   After the gruelling day under the traveling, it was such a relief when dusk fell and you found a sheltered spot to camp. It was farther from the desert, and closer to where the terrorists camped. In fact, you could see smoke coming up from the horizon.
   "Must be them," Your commander walked up to you as you got off the truck, "We can't have any fires tonight or we'll be spotted."
   "Understood sir. I'll pass the word around. Food is still in the supply truck, correct?"
   After the brief exchange, you nodded, saluted, and started passing the word among the other couple trucks.
   In total, there were five trucks. Three transporting soldiers, and the other two carrying ammunition and supplies. Five men were in each of the transport vehicles, the commander included. Each man, not including the commander, had a partner and a squad. Seven total pairs, equaling four squads, three of which had four members, and the last one, consisting of just one pair, guarded the commanding officer. 
   You, your partner, Rick, and Dave, were the first squad. Considered the superior one as you guys were first, you were the vanguard. 
   Squad two, the guarding squad, are the lesbians Theresa and Becky. They were at the back, in charge of making the plans and guarding the commander. In most terrorist cases, the commander doesn't participate in the battle as they are in charge of reporting back, and must be able to get away quickly in case of an emergency. They also plan.
   Squad three, the right wing squad, are Dom, Robert, Micky, and Sarah. They just back up the vanguard from the right.
   And then squad four, the left wing squad, is Greg, Nick, Aroan, and Eric. They do the same thing as squad three, except for the left side.
   After passing the news around, you grabbed some food, found a spot, and settled down. You knew your partner would find you.
   And sure enough, there he was, appearing a couple minutes later, with sleeping gear.
  "Here. brought you stuff to sleep on. Didn't think you wanted to stay on the dirty ground."
   You smiled up at him, "Thanks."
   He sat down and the two of you started to eat, making small talk here and there. You two weren't worried about tomorrow's mission; you've both done this routine countless times before.
   When it came time to sleep, a bunch of partners moved their bedrolls away from the main group, you were among those people. It wasn't unsafe because there were others on duty, the spacing out was just some respect toward the others. Nobody did anything funny on a mission, but lots of people still didn't want to sleep like sardines with other people.
   When you lay down afterwards encircled within you partner's arms, you thought. You always thought the night before a mission. Thought about life, about fighting, about people, and about... Him. You've shared everything with him, and done everything with this man. He held your respect, trust, love, and your whole being in his heart. He was your world.
   But eventually, after some pondering, you fell asleep.


  The morning came quickly. They always do.
  You and your partner got up, ate a very decent breakfast, and then geared up. Nobody spoke much, it was the day of the mission.
   At precisely 700 you all moved out. Everybody was assigned their task and you all just left.
   You marched on foot to avoid dust tracks alerting the enemy. It was a hard, gruelling, walk. The sun was already beating down overhead, and your equipment was heavy. Each step eventually felt like a challenge. But nobody slowed down a single step. Nobody lagged behind.
  At 1200 you reached the enemy's base. You saw the decrepit, broken ruins that housed these men. You saw some guns occasionally if you looked really close, and a couple corners of crates. Yet no men.
   "Smells like a trap," Your commander said to all of you as you gathered around on the edge of a sand dune, "You must proceed with utmost caution, alright? I want no deaths here."
    "Ha! Like anyone could get the better of us!" Rick boasted loudly. Uneasy laughter was shared. Now was not the time to crack jokes. But Rick never learned.
    "Ain't that right boys and girls?! He continued, "Nobody's better than us-"
   "Rick," Dave interrupted, "Shut up." Thank you. Someone had to say that. But somehow Dave always ended up being that person...
    Rick shut up. Tight as a clam. The commander quickly went over the plan again, and then sent us all out.
   You jumped over the dune. Your squad was first.
   Out of your four members, you and Rick were the leaders. Your lover was the engineer behind you to your left, Rick was right there to you right, and Dave was the medic behind and to the right of Rick.
   You fanned out into your formation, and you started leading. Passed through a couple buildings, took some turns. Still no sign of people. This was very bad. Did they know that you were coming? Then if so, you might be outmanned. Definitely outgunned with all this illegal merchandise you found around here. 
   Well, you couldn't turn back around, so you kept going forward, checking everywhere. Soon you were in the heart of the camp, and you stopped.
  There was clear ground in the middle. Usually there was a master building or something. Not, empty space. You got a very bad feeling about this all.
    "Rick. Take Dave and fan around this space. Whatever you do, don't get into clear sight." You commed to the other leader.
    "Roger that ____." 
    You signaled to the man behind you, and went around the opposite side of Rick and Dave.
    The ground felt funny, not like sand at all. You've never felt something like-
  Land mines. That's why the ground felt funny. This was a field of land mines. Underneath the sand. Hidden. Waiting for people like you because the terrorists knew that there would be people after them eventually.
   Everything clicked into place all at once, and you turned around to warn your partner, who was a ways back, not to step anywhere with thin sand.
     You saw his face look at you in horror as you turned around, right before he exploded. 
    "Len!" The name tore from your throat as you were knocked back a little bit from the proximity of the explosion.
    "Len!" You screamed again as you ran for him, not caring about silence or where you put your feet. You tripped, fell into the sand, but got right back up again. Your vision was slightly blurry, and it took you some time to realize that that was from your tears. 
    You stumbled, and then fell to your knees beside Len. Or at least, what was left of him.
  Both of his legs were blown off up to the knees, and he was losing blood fast. It came gushing out of him in rivers.
  "Len!" You grabbed his body and rested your head on his chest, checking for a heartbeat. Finding one, you burst into tears. Sob after sob wracked your body. He was alive. Alive.
   You heard Len say something, and you put your ear close to his mouth in order to hear him.
   "Am I... Dying?" His voice was barely there, but you managed to hear it.
   "No! You're not dying, I won't let you." Tears were still streaming down your face. It felt like the only thing in the world was you and him, all other sound was blocked out.
   He smiled. Smiled. "It's alright ____... It ok... I accept it... Never forget.... I'm always with you." Coughs racked his body, wiping the smile off his face. You held him closer during this time, and when it was done you looked him in the eye. 
    "Why?" You croaked, "Why is it alright for you to die?!"
    "No... You're gonna... Be ok... I'll always... Be there... For you... Please. Kiss me one last time..."
    You looked at Len. It took all of your willpower to force a slight smile. Then you leaned down and pressed your lips on his. He whispered into your mouth, "I love you."
    Your tears spilt onto his face, "I love you too." It was hard to make the words come out of your tight throat.
    He smiled one last time, and then you saw his eyes glaze over, and you knew... He was gone. Comrade, brother, best friend, lover. Your whole world, and your support. The only person who mattered, the only person who was always there for you.
    You screamed into sky. Tilting your head up, you let loose everything that you were feeling into a single cry. Your throat hurt now, but it wasn't even comparable to the pain in your heart.
   You completely forgot yourself for this instant, and more sobs escaped your throat as you craddled Len's torso in your lap.
   You heard shots ring around you. You didn't care. All that mattered was the man you were holding.
    I'm always with you.
   His parting words. Oh, they meant so much to you! All you had left were those words as a memory. 
    Be strong, i'll wait for you.
    Him. Len. He was speaking. You looked around, staring but not seeing.
    Then you spotted what you thought Len was trying to tell you about. There was a man with the air of a leader about him, and he was just across the open square.
   "I'm coming Len. Don't you worry." You whispered to your comrade, before you placed him gently on the ground. 
   You stood up, and took your assault rifle off your back. Cocking it, you sprinted across the open land, spraying and praying.
    A battle cry erupted from your mouth as you ran. Men were now appearing from the buildings, and you saw them take aim.
   Bullets hit the ground at your feet, none of them finding their mark. You ran faster.
   A bullet tore into you shoulder, throwing it back. You slowed down rapidly. 
   That was all the hesitance the terrorist needed as bullet after bullet riddled your torso. Each impact made your body squirm as you stood there taking them; occasionally stepping backwards.
  You fell backwards onto your back, the assault finally ending. The sand was hard, and what little breath was left in your lungs got pushed out.
   You lay there gasping like a landed fish. Your body hurt everywhere; there were only so many bullets a bullet-proof vest can handle. You were far beyond that limit.
   Panic started building up, and you were getting scared. 
  Stay calm ____. I'm here for you.
   Yes, of course. Len was here, so you didn't have to worry.
   Yes, don't worry. I'll protect you.
   You smiled. He was here. Your body started to feel weak, and a shadow blocked out the sun.
   "She's dead already sir. Can't torture her now." An unfamiliar voice said, and a man came into view holding a shot gun.
   "Then kill her fool!" Another voice said, you guessed the leader.
   The man in front of you put the barrel right above your head. Your stomach dropped.
   Don't worry. I'm always with you.
   Of course. You smiled for the last time, "I'm coming Len." You felt warm ghost arms wrap around your body, and you closed your eyes.
    That was all you remembered, before your brains exploded onto the sand.
Merry Christmas!! I really hope you liked it Michelle! I know you don't exactly LOVE the sad readers, but I hoped that this was sad in a happy sort of way. Like, after his death, he told you, 'don't worry, I'm here with you'. A way to express his love that was, and when you died, he was there with you till the end. Oh, and when you saw the boss, that wasn't what Len wanted to point out to you, you just got all crazy and assumed.

So yeah…
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(I can't spell his name, but you know who I'm talking about. I spelt his name the way it's pronounced.)
MichelleLenart Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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<3 I'm glad it had an effect! <3. Thank you, your tears had meaning my friend... 
LeilaPlummer Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
MichelleLenart Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That was amazing! Thank you for the wonderful gift! <3
It was bittersweet, and everything was wonderful!(except the reader and Len dying XD)
I love the writing! <3
By the way, in a lot of songs, Len dies(So does every other Vocaloid but that's not the point) I think this X reader has a connection with it. XD
Bloodwhite-Wolf Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I'm so happy you like it!!! <3 Thank you so much!!
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